Experience - ATEX - Exhaust system, Fuel tanks, parts for trailer


More than 3 decades of experience!
ATEX advantages in the following scope:
- Innovative construction - technological department. Every detail is documented with relevant process and drawing. The specialists in ATEX have already created over 30000 technological processes, every year more than 300 projects are being implemented.
- A vast majority of the technology and components is the company's property (in-house solutions).
- ATEX activity has been based since 2007 on the system ERP/MRP type. Due to this it has been possible to increase the company’s efficiency in many areas among others: in warehouse management, logistics, production, sales, accounting. As a result of this we have improved the quality of Customer Service and we are able to offer even more competitive prices.
- Having specialists with vast experience in connection with the extended tool shop enables us to make every element, including many prototypes. What is also important, every prototype has a PPAP attached free of charge on the level 3.
- Modern machine park – production machines of strategic meaning are less than 5 years old and are steered CNC.


Standarized process of implementing the projects is always the guarantee of the highest quality.

Stages of the offer process:
- Inquiry as a technical drawing or inquiry about the ATEX-es offer with sending a draft, drawing or 3D model designated for the product.
- ATEX-es offer as 3D model or 2D drawing with the made changes, together with the measurement tolerances.
- Approving the offer from the Customer's side.
- Making a customized offer.
- Accepting an order for the prototype or trial batch of the products.
- Executing the order.
- Delivery of the prototype or trial batch together with the PPAP3 report confirming meeting the construction-quality requirements.
- Accepting the prototype by approving it to the serial production.