ATEX - Exhaust system, Fuel tanks, parts for trailer


The highest quality is in the philosophy of ATEX. „Perfection in every detail”  – this defines the values of every employee of the company. Professional and responsible specialists in ATEX and a continuously modernised machine park as well as tested materials and components ensure an adequately high quality.

ATEX has the ISO 9001certificate, by the end of 2014 there will have been implemented the 14001 standard.

Stages of quality control:
- design,
- production of the components,
- self-control by the employees and random control made by the controllers,
- pro-production of the ready-made product,
- self-control by the employees and control of one piece of the batch of the given product initially grafted,
- production of the ready-made product - control of a sample piece of the batch of the series of given welded product,
- control of the painting layer by the test of degreasing the product, test of the thickness of the painting layer and by doing the test of a net of cuts,
- control of the materials and components from outside.

ATEX has a modern laboratory which enables it in making all the essential measurements and controlling activities extremely precise.

ATEX measurement room equipment:
- 6-axle measuring arm of the American company FARO-Platinum model,
- GO-NOGO devices,
- endoscope to check the inside of the products,
- tester of the thickness of the painting layer,
- noise analyser,
- infrared radiation thermometer used in the tests of the efficiency of EX-FOIL-INOX isolation,
- equipment to do the net of painting layer cuts,
- calipers, measures, production measurement tools etc.,
- device to conduct the tightening tests.

All the quality inputs from the production are managed by the ERP/MRPII system. Every ready-made product is stamped with an individual batch number, which enables us in case of a complaint, to identify the quality problem at every stage of the production. It enables starting the necessary activities in order to prevent any mistakes.